Contributors and acknowledgements


Thank you to the many participants in this project, including CoMA Maastricht, and particularly Jon Crews (creative technology) and Alfie Crews (sound tech).

A1‘hubbub’ by Jon Crews: based on a field recording taken at the National Composer Awards 2019
A2 Dominic McGonigal: ‘Thanks to the careworkers and essential services’
A3 Alfie Crews
A4 Christopher Schlechte-Bond
A5 Ruta Vitkauskaite
A6 David Silver – stretched accordion and chime
B1 Susan Watts
B2 Debbie Edwards
B3 Janet Oates - ocarinas and whistling
B4 Sheena Phillips
B5 The Decibelles: Deirdre O’Kelly, Wendy Linsey, Janet Oates
B6 ‘Planet Sounds’: Maastricht Ad hoc ensemble: Aidan – cymbal, Sarah - plastic bag, Anne Marie – vocalisation, Joan – sandpaper
C1 Duo Maddalena: Lucy Green (Hurdy gurdy) Janet Oates (renaissance recorder)
C2 Janet Oates
C3 Sylvia Lim
C4 Derek Foster, vibraphone
C5 Evan Erickson: ‘Purple Mist’
C6 Debbie Edwards
D1 Sheena Phillips
D2 Mike Worboys
D3 Clark Page
D4 Jonathan Ticher
D5 Linda Kernohan
D6 Clare Menor
E1 Dominic McGonigal ‘Micro-meditation’
E2 John Holland: ‘Slice of Sun’
E3 Janet Oates ‘Jewel beetle’
E4 Mick Kahn
E5 Colin Johnson
E6 Luke Mitchell
F1 Rob Percy
F2 Pierre America (electric bass)
F3 ‘A Parisian in New York’ Andrew Chadwick. Traffic sounds:
F4 Chris Reding (alto flute)
F5 Danilo Buenante (chord organ from the 1960s)
F6 ‘You May Delay’ featuring CoMA Maastricht and other members of CoMA. Taken from a recent collaborative online musical project, ‘You may delay but time will not’, by Janet Oates.